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ShiftNote is an employee scheduling software and manager’s logbook with over 75,000 users including clients like California Pizza Kitchen, Landry’s, and Red Robin.


The ShiftNote platform has worked for their clients over the years but with new competitors on the market they sought to improve their platform by adding and improving features while better addressing the needs of their users. There were also several access roles to consider.

My Role

After re-designing the ShiftNote mobile app, I was brought on to design the UI for a few pages in the web app. As my work branched out into other features it became clear that a holistic consideration for the user experience of the web app was needed. I worked closely with the CEO, engineer, and stakeholders to improve the UX throughout the app and designed new features for managing tasks and reporting. I also designed individual experiences for three different types of ShiftNote users.
Jun 2018 - Dec. 2018
What Did I Do?
Information Architecture
Card Sorting
Competitive Analysis
Data Visualization
High Fidelity Mockups


As a management tool in the service industry, ShiftNote had three distinct types of users, each with varying access to certain features. To design a better experience for each type of user I started by trying to understand their motivations.

User Journey Maps

I created user journey maps for common tasks by different users and found that navigating the site was the root cause for several issues.

Information Architecture

Through site mapping I was able to show the team that a lot of pain points for Admins and Managers were a result of not being able to find what they needed. The site map also revealed Employees didn't have a lot of features to engage with. As a result I conducted a card sort with the team to inform the new site map and advocated for a better Employee experience.


I proposed getting to everywhere you needed to go with just two clicks. After a few explorations we landed on hamburger menu and drawers to get to secondary pages. I also added links to related pages which helped to make other features and settings more discoverable.


Toward the end of the project we found that the data users were generating might be interesting to Admins and Managers so the CEO tasked me with designing a reporting feature.

I began by consulting with the engineer to find out what data was available and sketching data visualizations. The data was originally intended to live on the dashboard but because the data had become so robust we decided to dedicate a page to it. This allowed us to add the capability to filter.


I designed a dashboard for each type of user through my understanding of their motivations. For every user the information displayed was customized to be of most interest to them and help them catchup on what they missed since they last logged in.

Other Features