Mobile App

ShiftNote is an employee scheduling software and manager’s logbook with over 75,000 users including clients like California Pizza Kitchen, Landry’s, and Red Robin. Employees use the app to manage their schedules, pick up shifts, and communicate with other Employees and Managers.

My Role

I was brought on to design the UI and create a prototype. I helped improve the UX by considering the flow between pages.
Jun. 2018 - Jul. 2018
What Did I Do?
High Fidelity Mockups
Invision Prototype

User flows

Site Map


In Schedules, Employees can view their assigned schedule and the public schedule. If they decide they would like to pick up a shift they can see shifts they are qualified to pick up.

Shift Management

From the employee’s Shift Detail page they can choose to drop or swap a shift. They give a reason for releasing the shift and they can choose other qualified employees to notify. The shift then becomes an Open Shift that can be picked up by other employees.


The app also offers safe communication. Employees post to the Board to make announcements to the company and chat privately in private messages.