Web App

PitchHub is a software and service that helps their customers create, manage, record, and edit videos. Though PitchHub could be used by anyone looking to make a video, their primary users are Real Estate Agents who need to create videos to promote their listings and build their brand. Rather than learn to produce and edit videos on top of running their business, they turn to PitchHub to streamline the video making process and utilize PitchHub’s team of video editors.


PitchHub started out as just a service while the software was being developed. The Co-founder/ CEO went to real estate agencies to coach and record customer videos, then act as the middle man to the communicate instructions to the video editors. As part of the team developing the software, our challenge was to streamline this process to grow PitchHub’s business at scale.

My Role

I was brought on as PitchHub’s first and only designer in August 2019. I started by designing the navigation and structure of pages, as well as the visual style of the web app. Working closely with the CTO, I designed the user flows, interface, and interactions for every feature in PitchHub.
Aug. 2019 - Present
What Did I Do?
Style Guide
User Interviews
User Flows
High Fidelity Mockups
Adobe Suite (PS, AI, AE)

Building the foundation

When I started working with PitchHub only a few account settings pages had been developed. After getting a sense of what pages would be needed in the future, I began exploring options for navigation and page structure that the product could grow into. I also redesigned the logo and created a style guide.

User Interviews & Analysis

Within a few months we had a basic product that allowed users to write up a script, read that script off of a teleprompter, and upload and manage media files. Up until this point the founders had a clear idea of how to address some of their user’s pain points and needs. I suggested user interviews to understand our customers’ workflows and behavior to further improve the product. Some of these findings helped to informed the following features.


Script & Instructions

The script for the video is written here. Based on user feedback, we added the ability to add instructions to the video script. This way customers could specify at what point in the script a media file should appear and also leave detailed instructions for the video editor if needed.

Adaptive Studio

Studio Mode allows customers to read their script from a teleprompter while also recording video or audio. Studio Mode needed to be highly adaptive because the user might use several devices in one recording session; one to read from the teleprompter, one to record, and another to start and stop the recording and manage settings from where they are standing.